Until a Breath of Air 2015

Until a breath of Air is more experimental in its narration and more intuitive in the transferral of the phenomenon of creation and devastation in our common past. Here we witness this melancholical proces through landscape and architectural elements, which in the end all turn into debris of our society. Here is a story of our unknown history as told from the perspective of the ruins and debris. This animation is a short melancholic revision of our recent history and visual narration of the appearance and disappearance of an era, told through the landscape and architectural elements. The animation does not impose definitions or claims but in a very open and suggestive way the viewer is placed in the position of day dreaming and a visual journey through the war devastation and post-war reconstruction. In the technique of stop-motion animation, which in this case helps in presenting the process of formation and disappearance of one world, this film is a poetic interpretation of the famous events that every now and then come to the surface and remind us of the humanity and inhumanity that in tandem exist also in the present.

Stop frame animation/4 min. 45 sec./2015