Concrète Machines (13 Pieces for Prvomajska) /// Second Industrial Art Biennial,Raša , Croatia 2018

I went to Raša as an observer, looking for visual feedback on my new work. When I entered the Prvomajska (1st May) factory in Krapan, I was surprised by the silence of the abandoned fac- tory hall. The acoustics of the space magnified nearby sounds, and everything that echoed inside made the factory sound like a concert hall. At that moment, I decided that on this occasion, my work would be in the medium of sound. Since I am not a musician, nor a composer, I invited Miro Manojlović to collaborate with me. I gave Miro the drawings based on the space and the machinery at Prvomajska, so that he could interpret them as partitions and play them as “compositions” on the machines. These metal giants, that had once produced completely different sounds, became acoustic instruments with a broad tonal range over the course of our performance. For a few hours, the sound recordings we produced enlivened the space of the factory that had once employed more than a thousand people. The sounds and the noise therein returned to this impressive industrial space, which had once fed, schooled and brought together a community of workers and their families.

— M. T.