Short Bio

Studied painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence.
His artistic practice is in drawing, installation and animation.
Winner of numerous art prizes (2015. the Vladimir Nazor award for the best exhibition, 2012. award for the best design at the festival of Croatian animation FHAF, 2010. third award at the exhibition T-HT@MSU In Zagreb and in
2008. the Radoslav Putar Award for best young contemporary artist.
Participated in many residential programs in Helsinki, New York, Los Angeles, Frankfurt Am Main and Vienna.
Collaborated with the Art Academy in Zagreb at workshops for students as tutor for the workshop of Artist Books, Field recordings and Radio Dramas. Works at the Academy of fine arts in Zagreb, Croatia.
His films have been shown on many international animation film festivals and experimental film festivals.
His works have been exhibited on many solo and group exhibitions around the world.
In 2017 along with Tina Gverović he is representing Croatia at the 57th Venice Biennale.


Full Bio

Croatian Studies, Philosophy and Sociology, Zagreb, Croatia
Accademia di belle Arti , Painting, Florence, Italy

Solo Exhibitions:

2018. The shifting meaning, Dubrovnik summer festival, Croatia

2017. Horizon of Expectations, Croatian Pavillion at the Venice Biennale, Arsenale, Venice, Italy

2017. Duty to document, Spot Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

2017. Drawings on the Margine: Constructions and Fractions, Krsto Hegedusic Gallery, Petrinja, Croatia

2017. Man standing in a museum looking at something, Richter Collection, Zagreb, Croatia

2016. Imagine a moving image, Laura Bulian Ballery, Milano, Italy
Table of contents, Otok Gallery, Dubrovnik, Croatia
This is not a museum, Apoteka Gallery, Vodnjan, Croatia
Temporary form, VN Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

2015. Tables and shelves, Striegl Gallery, Sisak, Croatia
Table of contents, Škola Gallery, Split Croatia
2014. An exhibition with Marko Tadić, Marko Tadić didn’t write about. (with Ištvan Išt Huzjan), Super Deals, Brussels, Belgium
A gaze in wonder (a retrospective of films), Galženica Gallery, Velika Gorica, Croatia
The Books, VN Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

2013. Ana Hušman/Marko Tadić, SC Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
Imagine a moving image, Lauba, Zagreb, Croatia

2012. The stars look different today, Dovin Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
(with Pavla Scerankova and Fridvalszki Mark)
Očko / Tadić, Esam, Caen Cherbourg, France

2011. I am to wait, Waldinger Gallery, Osijek, Croatia

2010. Nicolaj Dudek and Marko Tadic, Lazareti, Dubrovnik, Croatia(with Nicolaj Dudek)

2009. “I speak true things” Miroslav Kraljevic Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
Drawings and animations, Matica Hrvatska, Sisak, Croatia Salon ISCP (with Bekim Gllogu), Iscp New York, USA

2008. Radoslav Putar Award Finals, Galženica Gallery, Velika Gorica, Croatia
Postkarten, CKO Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

2007. Linienstrasse113 Project, Linienstrasse113 Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Souvenirs, VN Gallery; Zagreb, Croatia
Storyboards, Galženica Gallery, Velika Gorica, Croatia

2005. Above the Clouds ( with Vedran Perkov),Josip Račić Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

2003. Household, Nova Gallery; Zagreb, Croatia

Group Exhibitions

2018. Second Industrial Art Biennial-On the shoulders of fallen giants-curated          by WHW.

I am the Mouth, Museum of contemporary art, Zagreb, Croatia

2017. The Szechwan Tale: Theatre and History – 1st Anren Biennale, Anren, China

2017. Architecture in contemporary art, Galerija umjetnina, Split, Croatia

2016. Nordung, Waldinger Gallery, Osijek, Croatia

2014. THEY USED TO CALL IT MOON, Baltic Mill, Newcastle, England
(Artists: Katy Cole, Caroline Corbasson, Aaron Guy, Thomas Ireland, the Kubrick Archive, Michael Light, Kate Liston, Aleksandra Mir, Michael Mulvihill, Mehreen Murtaza, Liam Murray, Trevor Paglen, Katie Paterson, Joseph Popper, Sophy Rickett, Aura Satz, Simon Starling, Marko Tadić, Wolfgang Tillmans )
Nordung, MMC Luka, Pula, Croatia
Notes on undoing, Garis & Hahn Gallery, New York, USA
Paper movies, MMC Luka, Pula, Croatia

2013. ONLY TO MELT, TRUSTINGLY, WITHOUT REPROACH, Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana Slovenia (Curators: Magdalena Ziółkowska, Tevž Logar.
Artists: Bani Abidi, Bas Jan Ader, Esad Babačić, FORT, Hreinn Fridfinsson,Lasse Schmidt Hansen, David Horvitz, Željko Jerman, Jacek Kryszkowski, Lee Lozano, Jerzy Ludwiński, Ruth Oppenheim, Agnieszka Piksa, Camila Rocha, Julika Rudelius, Ariel Schlesinger, Ulay, Marko Tadić )
Artist’s Book, Galženica Gallery, Velika Gorica, Croatia
18th international drawing exhibition / 18DC
Museum of modern and contemporary art, Rijeka, Croatia

2011. Second World, Steirischer Herbst Festival, Graz, Austria
Second World, Nova Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

2010. 255 804 km2, Brot-Hilger Kunsthalle, Vienna, Austria
255 804km2, Mestna Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Picture of Sound, No Gallery, MSU, Zagreb, Croatia
…IN FRANKFURT”, Atelier Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany
Clueless / geometry of misunderstanding, Manifattura Tabacchi, Torino, Italia
Vienna Art Fair, Vienna, Austria
T-HT@MSU, MSU Zagreb, Croatia
What’s happening ? Stereo Exhibition, Mestna Galerija, Nova Gorica, Slovenia

2009. “And then nothing turned itself inside out”, WUK Kunsthalle, Vienna, Austria (curated by Antonija Majaca and Ivana Bago)
“28th Biennial of Graphic Arts”, Ljubljana, Slovenia
“Illustrative 09”, Festival, Berlin, Germany
“Grenzenlos”, MMSU, Rijeka, Croatia
“Financial District”, organized by Miguel Amado, International Studio & Curatorial Program OPEN STUDIOS, New York
VISITING, MUU and FAFA Galleries, Helsinki, Finland
“On Paper”, Aneks Gallery, Pula, Croatia
49th Annale, Istrian Chamber, Porec, Croatia
Finalists, Labin City Gallery, Labin, Croatia
The price of Art, AZ Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

2008. T-HT@MSU, HDLU Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
We are here, Istria Museum of Contemporary art, Pula , Croatia
Donumenta, Regensburg , Germany
Boys and their toys, SC Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
Glow festival, Los Angeles, USA
Croatia first minute, Avesta, Sweden
Radoslav Putar Award Finals, Galženica Gallery, Velika Gorica, Croatia
113 days after, Linienstrasse113 Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2007. T-HT@MSU, Velesajam, Zagreb, Croatia
Heroes in transition, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, England
Salon, Velesajam, Zagreb, Croatia

2006. Peer to peer Art, Nova Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
Youth Salon, HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia

2005. Arsenal, Zadar, Croatia
Four authors and a picture, Zlarin, Croatia

2004. Side Effects, Nova Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia; , Contemporary art museum, Belgrade, Serbia

2003. In the Gorges of Balkans, Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany
Ruotati, Firenze, Italy
Kontakt, Sisak, Croatia

2002. Start, Mestna Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Karas Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia


2015. Vladimir Nazor Award, Zagreb, Croatia
2010.Third Award on the exhibition T-HT@MSU, Zagreb, Croatia
2008. Radoslav Putar Award (YVAA – Young Visual artists Award ), Zagreb, Croatia
2006. Youth Salon, Zagreb, Croatia-Award for Drawing
2001. Youth Salon, Sisak, Croatia – First Prize
2000. Youth Salon, Sisak, Croatia – First Prize


2012. HIAP, Helsinki, Finland
2010. Kultur Bunker, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2009. YVAA – Young Visual artists Awards, New York, USA
2008. Kulturkontakt, Vienna, Austria
18tth Street Art Center, Santa Monica


2004. Speak up, Malmo, Sweden